Slider Dock


Boats under 12' and 6' in width –  capacity 1400lbs

  • Outer shell made with non-corrosive low density polyethylene
  • Unsinkable, foam-filled boat lifts
  • Works great in shallow water
  • Light color kind to bare feet and hands
  • No Skid Slip Surface
  • Side and front mount options to dock
  • No mechanical failures to prevent launching boat
  • Zero maintenance
  • Does not use environmental hazards such as hydraulic fluid, oils, or zincs
  • 11″ x 5' 4″ Working platform
  • Maximum working load 1400lbs


The Slider Dock wide non-skid deck allows enough walk-around-room for easier watercraft maintenance such as cleaning, flushing, and refueling. This one-piece unit makes the Slider Dock a breeze to install. With the ease of installation and time saved putting your watercraft in and out of the water, the Slider Dock is a must have for all watercraft owners.


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Additional information

Weight 185 lbs
Dimensions 132 × 64 × 9 in


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