Kayak Dock (Patent 11,235,845)

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Kayak Dock (Patent 11,235,845)

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Our Kayak docks are designed so you can easily get in and out of your kayak. Our low profile entry way makes it easy to  pull yourself onto the dock.

Connecting to a floating or fixed docks is easy and simple with the use of our hot dipped galvanized Z bracket kit with the use of 4″ pvc pipe.

Our kayak launch is made with UV protected low density polyethylene and foamed filled with EPS to make them unsinkable. The float also has a textured non slip surface. The kayak dock can be linked with our jet ski docks as well. Our launch can work with not only kayaks but also paddle boards and canoes.


  • Great for Kayak and Canoes 

  • UV protected Plastic Outer shell 

  • Unsinkable, EPS foam filled 

  • Works great in floating or fix dock

  • Beige color kind to bare feet &  non slip textured surface

  •  Zero maintenance
Weight225 lbs
Dimensions132 × 64 × 9 in

1 review for Kayak Dock (Patent 11,235,845)

  1. Sig Raulinaitis Burbank, CA

    The kayak dock is super easy to use. For me, with bad knees, it’s hard to get into and out of a kayak from a dock, so this solution is excellent. You will see that one of the pipes that holds the kayak dock on to my boat dock I extended up and created a handrail for added confidence when stepping on/off the dock.

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    Kayak Dock Review
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5 years 3 months ago

Yes you can… you need the right type of Bolt and washer and nuts

5 years 3 months ago

you just need to have the pipes 12″ below the water line and not have to drive them into the ground on a floating dock. just need to cut the PVC pipe around 2 feet in length.

4 years 8 months ago

Only if the paddle board is under 36″

4 years 8 months ago

if its under 36″ and does not have a fin on the bottom