Kayak Dock

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  • Deigned for Kayak and Canoes under 35″ in width
  • Outer shell made with non-corrosive low density polyethylene
  • Unsinkable, foam-filled Kayak Launch
  • Works great in shallow water
  • Light color kind to bare feet and hands & No Skid Slip Surface
  • Side and front mount options to dock & Zero maintenance
  • Stable low profile entry way for kayak and canoes

Additional information

Weight 185 lbs
Dimensions 132 × 64 × 9 in

1 review for Kayak Dock

  1. Sig Raulinaitis Burbank, CA

    The kayak dock is super easy to use. For me, with bad knees, it’s hard to get into and out of a kayak from a dock, so this solution is excellent. You will see that one of the pipes that holds the kayak dock on to my boat dock I extended up and created a handrail for added confidence when stepping on/off the dock.

    Kayak Dock
    Kayak Dock
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Marcia K Alfieri
6 months 25 days ago

Can I attach this to a steel sea wall?

6 months 25 days ago

Yes you can… you need the right type of Bolt and washer and nuts

Kevin Lundy
6 months 22 days ago

I have 2 questions. With a side mount to a floating dock, are there attachment options other than the Z mount and PVC? The bottom under the water in our canal is very hard and rocky. It would be difficult to get the PVC into the ground without hiring a drill company. What is the height above water? Just judging the step up/down difference from our current floating dock which is 12″ above water.

6 months 20 days ago

you just need to have the pipes 12″ below the water line and not have to drive them into the ground on a floating dock. just need to cut the PVC pipe around 2 feet in length.

valerie peck
4 months 26 days ago

Can i use this with a kevlar dagger meridian sea kayak. The ‘v’ hull seems a bit shallow.

Mark Jonesku
4 months 13 days ago

Will this work will for paddle boards?

Eldon Boes
3 months 9 days ago

Are there any of these installed in the Northern Virginia, Washington DC area? We want to install a kayak launching device to our floating dock but we’d like to see one first. Thank you, Eldon

3 months 2 days ago

Are there any installed on lake James nc?