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Mar - 05

Revised Bouyance Booster Kit

New Design to affect our drive on boat lift or some people call a boat dock. Just wanted to list a new modified product for 2019. The 2 piece bouyance booster kits (used for ups shipping) will have a insert…

Feb - 26

Now On Instagram

Decide to get with the times and open up a Instragram account. This week I will be attending Atlantic City Boat Show and visit tom M&M Dock King In New Jersey. He has tons of Jet Ski docks that he…

Feb - 22

About Carolina Docks offers various dry docking systems that add the convenience of putting your watercraft in and out of the water. The time saved from launching your watercraft can be used for enjoying the water. Our watercraft dry docking systems help protect…

Sep - 04

PWC Floats

Wheely Docks XL can be used for boats under 14 feet in length and are under 8 feet in width. This one-piece unit makes the Wheely Dock XL a breeze to install. With the ease of installation and time saved…