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Revised PWC Dock Buoyancy Booster Kit

New Design to affect our drive on boat lift or some people call a boat dock. Just wanted to list a new modified product for 2019. The 2 piece bouyance booster kits (used for ups shipping) will have a insert and use a bolt drooper to make sure they do not spread out during drive off. . I know it was cheaper and more stronger to have a one piece design. Which we have. The problem is that it can only be shipped threw LTL freight because of the size it’s too big for ups or fedex. So I had an idea to use a brass insert into the bouyance booster that uses stainless (nonrusting) steel bolt dropper to hold them together better . Tested it and works great and easy to install . now we can ship these out cheaper .. w the 2 piece set. The idea of of using the bouyance Booster kit is to give you more lift in the back for our drive-on Boat lifts. The product can be used on the Wheely Dock XL, Wheely Dock XL with tail extension and Wheely Dock XL with front extensions. This product makes our jet docks better then ever. The product can be found at