Floating Kayak Docks: Making It Easy To Launch Your Kayak Or Canoe

Simple Designed Kayak Launch Dock

Our New designed kayak launch. We offer the best value in Floating Kayak Docks.  We offer a simple solution to get in and out of your kayak with ease. Our low density polyethylene plastic shell with Expandable polystyrene core provides an unsinkable product. The one piece kayak float design and molded in post offers flexibility on choosing any size hand rail pipe and material to use.  We off the best price and have great delivery options.  Check our options and specifications:

    • Designed for Kayak and Canoes under 35″ in width
    • Outer shell made with non-corrosive low-density polyethylene
    • Unsinkable, foam-filled Kayak Launch
    • Works great in shallow water
    • Light color kind to bare feet and hands & No Skid Slip Surface
    • Side and front mount options to dock & Zero maintenance
    • Stable low profile entryway for kayak and canoes

Our floating docks are made with non-corrosive polyethylene which is rust proof in fresh or salt-water. Our (EPS) Foam filled dock floats make our boat docks un-sinkable and stable.  Our floats work with the changing water level and tide without the use of cranks, wrenches, or other metal parts that can rust.

Our Kayak Docks can be used with our other drive on lifts as well. You can link the Kayak launch to our Wheely Dock or Slider Dock. Our Kayak docks extensions can be used with our other drive on products as well. This means you can configure these units many different ways customized to your needs.

Kayak Racks for Your Kayak Dock

Our Kayak Rack is specifically designed for our exclusive Kayak Docks. The Kayak Rack can be mounted on either side of the kayak Dock with brass inserts that are molded into the Kayak Launch for extra strength. The rack can also be mounted to the wing attachment as well. The rack is designed to handle two kayaks and uses the same color and material as the Kayak Dock. The rack also has holes so the kayaks can be secure with a bungee or rope.

We have the best Kayak Docks and Canoe Docks available at the best possible prices.  Whether you’re looking for a Kayak Rack or Dock with wings or extensions, we have precisely the right dock at the right price.

We also offer simple attachment kits to purchase for your floating or fixed dock. With our Z bracket Kit installation is simple. You can also have the kayak dock free standing by driving 4 inch PVC into the mud